Natural Cure for Hangover

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Hangovers after alcohol drinks is very happen happen when the following 3 conditions occur:

1) Dehydration
2) Production of toxic chemicals from alcohol (e.g: acetaldehyde)
3) Depletion of the nutrients needed for brain function and to break down toxins (e.g glutathione).
Some believes that the clearer in color a drink, the less likely it will lead to hangover.

Natural Cures for Hangover

Stay Hydrated
Drinking large amount of water between drinks and prior to sleep helps. Leave a glass of water at the bedside to drink if you wake (urinate during the night when the need arises-urination washes out alcohol and toxins that causes hangover )
Sleep it off
If possible, let yourself sleep it off (while continuing to hydrate)

Recommended Supplements

Multi nutrient powder
Taking High dose B vitamins (B complex 50mg), NAC (N- Acetyl Cysteine) 250mg, Glutamine 1,000mg, glycine 750 mg, Vitamin C 500- 750 mg, and magnesium 150-200 mg daily when drinking may leave one less prone to hangovers. (All of these are present combined in a good multi nutrient powder which also serve as an excellent daily energy drink)

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