Natural treatment for Anxiety

Everyone experiences occasional feelings of anxiety when, for example, starting a new job or speaking in front of a crowd. The excitement brought on by these situations is normal, and can actually help improve performance. However, feeling anxious with no reason, or having excessive worry that affects your quality of life could signify generalized anxiety disorder (GAD).

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Nervousness and anxiety can be caused by:

  1. Overactive Thyroid especially if you have weight loss, racing heart/palpilations or sweating.
  2. Low progesterone and estrogen. It can be seen in woman approaching menopause, and can occur 5-12 years before periods stop and tests for menopause become constructive.
  3. Low testosterone in men especially beginning in or one’s late 40’s
  4. Adrenal gland fatigue, suspect if you get irritable when hungry or sugar crave.
  5. Suppressing feelings if you are in anger/ fear is buried, so you are not aware of it, it will come out as hyperventilation.
This is associate with panic attacks with intermittent inability to take a deep sufficient breath, numbness and tingling around your lips and in your fingers, and feeling like you are going to die. Though Scary, it is not dangerousous.
organic remeny for nervousness and anxiety treatment:
  • Walk in sunshine : increase your exercise (especially walking in the sunshine). This is a great stress reliever.
  • Avoid Sugar and Caffein while green tea is okay.
  • Take B Complex vitamin, such as B1, B3,B5 and B6 vitamin.
  • Take magnesium, it works as anti-stress mineral as it relaxes muscle and relieves tension.
  • Theanine which comes from green tea is another source of butional cure for nervousness.
  • Express your anger in a good way.
  • If you work on a computer or do repetitive wrist and arm movements, use proper form, take frequent breaks, wear a support, and avoid strong force.
Thats all, hopes that helps a lot.

Over the counter remedies

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