Natural way to loose 10 pounds in a week

These are the 8 steps that can help you to loose 10 pounds in a week. It may look easy, but can you really do it?

  • Detoxing your body – Drink Lemon juice, ginger and honey mixed with water or acai berry, blueberries or cranberries to detox your body.
  • Change your rule of eating. Reduce the Carbohidrates and any fried food.
  • Take more fruits such as apples and oranges.
  • Instead of munching on junk food, replace it with beans.
  • Dont skip your breakfast nor delay your eating schedule.
  • Have a smaller meal but frequent intake, so you wont go hungry.
  • Drink a planty of plain water
  • Keep yourself busy, and so you dont really think much about eating more than you have to.

Oh ya, dont forget to exercise.

suspension exercise

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