Why not enough choline results in poor memory

Choline is a vitamin-like substance that is sometimes treated like B vitamins and folic acid in dietary recommendations.

Recently researchers first reported finding that the nutrient choline played a critical role in memory and brain function by positively affecting the brain’s physical development.

Choline is required to make the neurotrans-mitter acetylcholine, which is crucial for brain functions, and to make phosphatidylcholine (PC), which is crucial for making the membranes of cells.

In animal experiments conducted at Duke University, both young and old rats performed significantly better on memory tasks if they received enough choline before birth compared with same-age rats whose mothers were fed choline-deficient diets. The latter showed deficits in the hippocampus and septums of their brains.

They found that if we provided rats with less choline, those nerve cells divided less and multiplied less.

Scientists focused on cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor 3 genes, which keep cells from dividing until a biochemical message turns the genes off.
Nature has built a remarkable switch into these genes something like the switches we have on the walls at home.
In their complicated study scientists discovered that the diet during pregnancy turns on or turns off division of stem cells that form the memory areas of the brain.

Some researchers think that choline could help prevent Alzheimer’s.
People with Alzheimer’s disease usually have low levels of acetylcholine in their brains. There’s een a lot of research proved that choline or phosphatidylcholine supplements can help those with Alzheimer’s.

ADVICE: Always take choline with your other B vitamins.

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