COMMON COLD: Vitamins and minerals supplement

The common cold is most often seasonal infection of the upper respiratory tract caused by a virus.
There are over 200 viruses that cause common colds.
A healthy immune system is your best defence against a common cold. If you catch a cold, there are a variety of lifestyle measures and vitamin supplements that can help improve symptoms and speed healing.

Top Recommended Supplements

American ginseng: Cold-FX is patented extract of polysaccharides derived from North American ginseng. As clinical studies show it is effective in the prevention and relief of colds and flu and strengthens immune function.

Echinacea: Echinacea is also good remedy to strengthen immune function while cold. As in several studies shown Echinacea reduces the severity and frequency of cold symptoms.

Vitamin C: C can reduce the duration and severity of colds.

Zinc lozenges: Aid to relieve symptoms (coughing, sore throat, and runny nose) and speed healing.

Complementary Supplements

Kyolic #100 Aged Garlic Extract (200 capsules)
Aged garlic extract: It may help prevent colds by supporting immune function if taken regularly,

Probiotics: Probiotics greatly support immune function and may serve to prevent colds. Best effect provides product that contained at least one billion live cells and includes Lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidobacterium Kyo-Dophilus.

Propolis: Many studies suggest that it can help prevent and shorten the duration of a cold. Dosage: 500 mg twice daily.

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