What to Know About the Diabetic Diet

You ought to note that other than being low on foods such as sweets and carbohydrates, a diabetic diet is just like any other balanced diet that a doctor will recommend for any other type of person. It is also worth noting that there are certain goals that a diabetic person is supposed to achieve through their diet.

For instance, it is important that a diabetic person on this type of diet ensures that his blood glucose level is balanced and this can only be achieved through regulating the calorie intake.
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Herbal Remedies For Diabetes

Fenugreek seeds.

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Diabetes is one such chronic disease that a large number of people are coming under its clutches with each passing day almost assuming an epidemic proportion. It can be said that the incidence of this disease is directly proportional to the modernization of the life style where most of the physical activities are effortless. This is saving time but at the cost of one’s health.

Diabetes is a condition where the blood sugar level rises abnormally due to the underproduction of insulin or malfunctioning of the pancreas. This can lead to serious damages of vital organs leading to stroke, kidney failure and paralysis if not controlled.

Sedentary life style, obesity, stress are the main causes of this disease; sometimes genetic factors also play a major role. Increase in hunger, thirst, frequent urination, fatigue is observed initially following with an abrupt loss in body weight.

Herbs can control diabetes

Diabetes if detected in a person cannot be cured but can be controlled by proper medication and natural herbs can be the best medicine if they are administered regularly along with a healthy lifestyle. But it is important to check the blood sugar levels often to test the effectiveness of any treatment.

  • Cinnamon has insulin like properties. It also reduces blood cholesterol and triglycerides which are also important factors for Type 2 Diabetes. A half teaspoon of cinnamon powder daily in diet can reduce the blood glucose level.
  • Bitter gourd has some compounds that help in lowering blood sugar levels. Taking its juice early morning in empty stomach can give desired results.
  • Onion has a compound that is capable of blocking the breakdown of insulin and also stimulates the pancreas in insulin production. It gives good results whether eaten in raw or boiled form.
  • Fenugreek seeds widely used as spice in different Indian recipes can lower the blood sugar levels. A teaspoonful of the powdered seeds if taken with a glass of water daily helps in the treatment.
  • Asian ginseng is traditionally used by the Chinese to treat Diabetes. This herb stimulates the pancreas to produce insulin and increase the number of insulin receptors. These help in lowering the blood glucose levels.
  • Blueberry leaves has given remarkable results in ridding the body of excess blood glucose. Soaking few leaves in hot water and drinking 3 cups a day can produce good results.
  • Gingko biloba is a popular herb to treat various diseases. Extract of its leaves may have good results in treating diabetes at the early stage.

Herbal medications are useful in treating diabetes, as it is devoid of any additional chemical constituents producing no side effects, but also treat other disorders at the same time. Along with medicine diabetes needs enough physical workouts and a healthy nutritious diet which must be given due importance.

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Natural diabetes treatment

The moment you experience signs and symptoms associated with diabetes, don’t take another day to visit your doctor for confirmation. Your doctor is the best person who can tell you whether you have a case of diabetes or not. If indeed you are a diabetic, your doctor will also tell you if it’s still in the stage whereby natural approaches can work effectively.

Notwithstanding your stage of diabetes, appropriate measures must be done so as to keep the condition from getting worse. If your diabetes is in the early stages yet, you must control it at once to ensure that it doesn’t progress to a severe form of diabetes or result to complications, some of which can be debilitating if not fatal.

If truth be told, though, there is no cure for diabetes. The most that you can do is to control it, and there are several ways it can be done without having to use medications. One natural approach is to eat right.

Dietary recommentations

The diet recommended for diabetics includes lots of green and leafy vegetables, grains, fiber, and protein and less of the carbohydrates, fat, and sweets.

Fruits are also highly recommended, especially those with fat-burning and sugar-burning properties. Bitter melon is also a wise food choice for diabetics as it contains properties that tend to lower blood sugar levels.

Not many people may like the taste of bitter melon, but the thing is, it has been found to be really effective in controlling diabetes.

Lifestyle suggestion

As much as possible, too, you should keep your body weight normal. Excessive weight gain can indicate obesity which is often linked to Type 2 diabetes. Exercising, even if it just a 45-minute brisk walk can be an effective means of burning off the calories.

With exercising, you don’t just gain the benefit of regulated blood sugar levels but also of a well-trimmed and toned body.

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Nutritional support for people with diabetes

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Diabetes is a chronic disease where the body does not make enough insulin, or becomes insensitive (resistant) to the insulin that is produced. There are three main types of diabetes.
All forms of diabetes can have serious consequences if left untreated. There is no cure for diabetes, but there is much that can be done from a lifestyle perspective to improve blood sugar control and prevent potentially life-threatening complications.

Nutrition for diabetes

Food is an essential component of anyone’s life. The selection of foods becomes even more important for a good diabetes and nutrition program.
Diabetic nutrition makes way for better blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure levels for you. Your diabetic meal plan keeps your weight in check, too. Having healthy weight is an essential aspect of managing diabetes. Keep to the proper diabetic nutrition program and you prevent diabetes complications as well as keep yourself fit.

Nutrition diet for people with diabetes should include:

  • Cinnamon contains compounds that work synergistically with insulin, helping to reduce blood sugar levels. One study found benefits with just ½ tsp daily. Add cinnamon to your cereal, oatmeal, or breakfast shakes.
  • Chromium is essential for blood glucose regulation. It is found in brewer’s yeast, whole grains (especially wheat germ), onions, and garlic.
  • For a natural and healthy sugar substitute, try stevia or xylitol.
  • High-fibre, low-glycemic (slow-release) carbohydrates such as whole grains (whole wheat, oats, brown rice, spelt), vegetables, fruits, and legumes help to balance blood sugar.
  • Protein (lean poultry, meat, and fish) and healthy fats (nuts, seeds, olive oil, and flaxseed oil) in each meal will slow carbohydrate digestion and promote better blood sugar control.

Note: To promote steady blood sugar levels, eat small, frequent meals (every three hours).

Nutrition to avoid for diabetes

  • Alcohol can cause either high or low blood sugar depending on how much you drink and if you are eating while drinking. Limit alcohol intake to no more than two drinks daily.
  • High-glycemic (quick-release) carbohydrates such as white bread and baked goods, refined cereals, potatoes, white rice, and sugar (candy, cookies, soda) cause rapid and profound increases in blood sugar, creating a problem for diabetics. Studies have also found that those who eat high-glycemic diets are also at increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
  • Saturated fat (animal products such as meat and dairy) can worsen blood glucose control.

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